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{اپریل 2, 2009}   Restarting Apache server

How to restart Apache server in CentOS?

It’s simple just right click on desktop, click on Open terminal

and type

service httpd restart

Rizwan Abbasi


{اپریل 2, 2009}   Opening/Editing a text file

How to open/edit a text file in CentOS?

it’s simple

gedit filepath


gedit /etc/php.ini

An editor will be opened and you can edit your php.ini file.

Rizwan Abbasi

{اپریل 2, 2009}   Installing bin(*.bin) files

How to install binary files in Linux? It’s simple dude,

I have downloaded a file GoogleEarthLinux.bin, now

rightclick on  GoogleEarthLinux.bin and click on properties,

click on permissions and in the Execute there will e a checkbox

“Allow executing file as program” just tick it.

Double click on GoogleEarthLinux.bin , a popup will appear and just select

Run in Terminal.

Follow the instruction and you are done.

Rizwan Abbasi

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